Oct 28, 2006: Appreciate Life

Oct 28, 2006

Hi everyone
    Again, I have to start with my now too-common line, once again, I haven’t returned a single email in quite a while. Before I had even recovered from my jetlag, I was headed north for a long work week, when I didn’t get to the computer even once. So I didn’t get anyone’s emails til today.
    Last night I crashed my bicycle and ended up in the hospital (don’t worry, I’m fine, just 4 stitches). Still recovering from that, this morning I was hit with the real reason I am sending this email out to everyone.
    On Friday my good friend Brad, a journalist, was murdered by the Mexican police while covering the events in Oaxaca. I’m not up for writing anything else about it right now, but I am asking that anyone who feels it in them to contact the Mexican authorities about their practice of shooting at demonstrators and journalists please do so. I’m sorry I don’t have websites and phone numbers, but it’s all over the news, I’m sure you won’t have any trouble finding them. Brad had a heart of gold and a fierce determination to make the world a better place, I haven’t really been able to fully comprehend that he’s gone.
    So I probably won’t be very good about returning emails in the next week or so, apologies in advance. There’s a public vigil and on Tuesday in San Francisco, others in other cities as well, and a private circle for those who knew him Monday, call me if you’d like to attend.
    Please appreciate life to the fullest,