Oct. 25, 2005: And Then, As Suddenly As It Began…

And Then, As Suddenly As It Began…
Oct. 25, 2005

Hi, all!
I’m leaving Chisinau. Woke up one morning and knew it was time. I’m really going to miss all the people and things that have become my home here, and I know I’ll be back someday, but for now, something inside says "go west!" and so I am.
So don’t send any packages and if you call, call the cell phone, because I usually don’t answer the other one, even if I’m home. I might be here up to another week, or I may leave sooner. Depends on where I go, how I get there, and whether this package shows up in the mail before the weekend.
I know, I had just decided to stay. But my toe is mostly healed again and after months of everything saying “stay, stay, stay,” suddenly my intuition is shouting "OK! You can go now!" 188 pages later, it’s time to resume the journey. I’m excited!  I’m pretty certain there won’t be any more toe injuries.  I’ll write more when I get to wherever I’m going!  

Lots of love,