Sept 22, 2005: Play and Balloons and Silliness

Play and Balloons and Silliness, The Story of My Second Birthday (kind-of like second breakfast)
Sept 22, 2005

        I had the most fabulous birthday on Sunday! As good as the one I had in July! (I figure, why not throw a few extra birthdays in every once in a while?) Aside from the fact that any day is a good day for a birthday, there were a lot of good reasons for one on Sunday.
First, it was the full moon, in Pisces. And it was just about the Equinox, so a day to welcome in the autumn. But mostly, it was the finale of the little ritual I created around getting my cast off and learning to walk again.
The cast came off a week ago Monday and I made a little ceremony of letting go of things I am done with in my life and myself, like the injuries. I had to do it outside in front of the apartment, so I’m sure there are some interesting rumors circulating about me by now.
Then I had this in-between sort of time, where I had to re-learn how to walk and start rebuilding the muscles and flexibility in the joints. My leg was really messed up after being in a cast all month! I had no idea how quickly everything could atrophy. Eek! And the toe isn’t even completely healed. I also got this cold-flu thing that Tat and Serg had, and my shoulder tweaked. It was a difficult week! But Sunday, the full moon, was the re-birth day.
I did another little ritual the night before, took a hot mineral bath, and created a clear intention of sending away the cold-flu, the handicap in my leg, and a slew of other things. Then I gave my feet lots of love and painted my toenails with little multi-colored designs.
It worked! I woke up Sunday feeling healthy again, and it was the first day I could walk normally! Nice start!
The sun was shining, and I did my yoga and had my birthday breakfast with Tatiana, then opened presents. I gave myself some bright red pants, a rainbow scarf, and some other clothes, so I actually have something other than my Biketour outfit to wear! Tatiana gave me a necklace from Ukraine.
We headed out around noon to catch what we thought was going to be a little Jewish dance performance. It turned out to be a huge multicultural festival, with lots of different ethnicities coming together to share their art, dance, music, food, drinks, and customs.
And what was the first thing I saw in everybody’s hands?
Birthday cake! OK, maybe they thought it was just cake, but I knew it was birthday cake! And balloons! Hundreds of them, made into giant swans and bundles of grapes. Birthday balloons, of course! The city of Chisinau had inadvertently thrown me a huge birthday party! Or at least, that’s how Tatiana and I chose to look at it! We wandered around and a Belorussian woman, for no apparent reason, gave me a tomato and a cucumber (birthday presents!) and a shot of vodka! OK, so it was only midday, but why not? It’s my birthday!
We had a great time at the festival, wandering around and seeing all the great displays from Armenia, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Syria, Uzbekistan, the Romani (Gypsy) people, and many more. I tasted new foods and lots of people were singing and dancing.         After the festival we ran around picking up a few more things in town, including some little birthday presents and my favorite Moldovan ice cream. We took a break at a little cafe and had Bailey’s/ Kahlua/ coffee drinks. Yum!
          Then we went downstairs and I got my eyebrow pierced. Maybe it was a rebellion against all the corporate-culture-conformity here, maybe it was just a good day for something new. At any rate, I really like it. Tat got a piercing too and, like little kids playing the blood-sister game, we decided that officially made us sisters. We celebrated with a birthday dinner at Magnolia, a beautiful restaurant filled with plants that actually has a soy dish on the menu! Only one I’ve heard of around here. It was great. And we had decadent desserts and espresso, and we stole a little cutting from one of the plants so we could have a piece of the restaurant growing in the house.
I bought myself flowers on the way home. We didn’t want the day to end. We sat up in “my” room (I call it the living room but Tat and Serg call it “Asha’s room” now! Actually, we all use all the rooms, Serg’s is the office where I do all my writing) til four in the morning, sewing and knitting and talking about love and life and everything else that came into our heads.
        It was the perfect birthday. Oh, right, birthdays are supposed to come with a change of age. I did 32 last time, so I had to think of something new. Tatiana suggested 25, because she didn’t know how old I was so that’s what she had already told all her friends. The number actually popped into my head before she said it, and it felt right.
        I like the idea of choosing an age. Why not? Just like we can choose any other aspect of who we are. Now, just because 25 is a relatively young age doesn’t mean I in any way endorse our society’s over-valuing of youth and undervaluing of the wisdom of age and experience. Maybe next year I’ll be 50. I’m curious what effect thinking of myself as one age or another might have. I’ve seen people go from middle-aged to old overnight when they reached the age when they believed that would happen. Will I feel more energetic this year? Will I feel wiser and more grounded if I decide I’m 50 next year? It’ll be an experiment!
And that’s the story of my 25th birthday. I hope you enjoyed it. Tat took lots of pictures so one of these days I’ll figure out how to put them into Yahoo photos and send you the link. Let me know if you plan to have any extra birthdays, and I’ll send presents (or at least a postcard!).

Love and cake and funarchy,