Apr. 3, 2005: San Francisco

San Francisco
April 3, 2005

Hi everyone!
    I’ve moved back to San Francisco!
    If any of you happens to know anyone driving from Arcata to near San
Francisco who would be willing to bring some of my things in their car in exchange for a bit of gas money, please let me know! Getting settled is always a bit hectic and it’ll be a while before I’ll be able to make it up to Arcata.
    It’s been a crazy whirlwind month. I got stuck in Buenos Aires because I was flying on standby passes and all the flights were weight restricted because it’s export season and they were carrying cargo. So even though there were empty seats, I couldn’t get on the planes. Ever seen the movie The Terminal? That was me for a week. Fun, fun.
    But it’s good to be back in the city and I got a great little place in Ocean Beach, where I hope you’ll all come visit me.